Wednesday, August 2

support in difficult times

Here's a smattering of the support I received during my dad's heart episode. What a wonderful community the people of God are!

It has made me consider what sort of support I give when people ask me to pray...

We will be lifting your Dad, Mom, and you before the Father's throne tonight.

Matthew, thank you for the wonderful update and the encouragement of God’s hand clearly working in your family last week. I will continue to pray for your precious mom and dad. -mary

Thanks for the update Matt. I’ve been praying.

This is such good news brother. Faithfulness.

I’m so glad to hear that your dad is doing better now! Praise the Lord!!
God is so faithful to us!
Miss ya! J

This is great news Matthew, but we shouldn’t be surprised. God is GOOD ALL THE TIME!

Praise the Lord Bro. That is fantastic!

Hey there. I’m sorry to hear about your dad’s heart attack. I understand your feelings toward him as I feel much the same about my own dad. I have been praying for him . . . has there been any improvement? Please let me know if there is anything that I can do? Would you like me to contact a good church in Quebec City and see if they would provide some “pastoral care”?

I've got your back brother. Let me know if you need something more than prayer.

I’m sorry for what your family is going through …am praying (Ps 46)…will continue too and pray for any updates given.

Thank you for letting us know. I will be praying Matthew, bringing you and your family before the throne of our King who is able to do abundantly more than we can ever ask or think…

Heard about your dad’s heart stuff—we’re praying with you/for you.

Hi Matthew:
I am so sorry to hear about your dad. I will be praying for him, your mom, and you. I pray that your dad would be overwhelmed with a comfort and peace for knowing and loving Jesus Christ as Lord.
Grace and peace to you,

We will definately be praying for comfort and peace for your dad as he waits on Christ. I've been doing my own waiting and it is difficult to pray for joy in the midst of trial.
Praying for you as well as you wait. May it produce a new steadfastness for you that He may be lifted up.
Blessings and love,

Dear Matthew and Lisa
So sorry to hear of your dad's illness while travelling... we shall be keeping him and you in prayer in the next days, trusting with you that the Lord will bring wisdom to the doctors treating him, restored health to his body and peace to your hearts...
We love you
sean and sian

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