Thursday, August 24

Not-so-Blank Bible

Have you ever heard of the Jonathan Edwards "Blank Bible"?

In 1730, Jonathan Edwards acquired a book-like, leather-bound manuscript containing an interleaved printed edition of the King James Version of the Bible. Over the next three decades, Edwards proceeded to write in the manuscript more than five thousand notes and entries relating to biblical texts (though paradoxically he called the manuscript his 'Blank Bible'). Only a fraction of the entries has ever been published. A brand new volume from Yale Publishing presents a complete edition of the "Blank Bible" accompanied by an informative introduction, multiple appendices, and an extensive index.

Check out this excerpt (all of Galatians): HERE.

Their work is finished, and you can buy it for $200. VERY COSTLY, but as JT has said:

While I admit I'm not yet ready to fork over that amount of cash for this volume, the question should be asked: How much money would you pay if someone offered you an unlimited pass which allowed you to peer over Jonathan Edwards's shoulder as he made notes in his Bible?
Well, if you won't pay $200 to see what Edwards thinks about scripture, how much will you pay to see what YOU think? Check out Tony Reinke, whose version ended up in three volumes (2 OT, and NT), and create your OWN blank bible.

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