Friday, July 21

Singing Christmas Tree for sale

While working at a large church, I receive many notes from other churches. Let me pass this one on to you. Any takers?

Cascade Hills Church in Columbus, GA is offering for sale an M H Specialty Living Christmas Tree. This tree allows you to give your community a life changing message. This tree stands 40 ft tall, 12 tier, and 130 voices with computerized lighting. In addition Cascade Hills has an abundance of costumes, puppets and other related items. In all, probably $45-50,000 invested. We are offering this at a tremendous reduction and savings. We would like to recoup $12,000-$ 13,000 for everything. Also, we can entertain some financing if needed.

Since remodeling our sanctuary to be more conducive for television, the tree will not fit because of curtains and lighting trusses.

Cascade Hills has instructional videos for installations and operations. We will be glad to assist any possible to make this a successful endeavor.

We need the warehouse space so we are ready to make a deal on the tree! For further information, please contact Butch Jordan at 706-327-2335.

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Gerald said...

I can't believe we're not jumping all over this. I could totally see you all the way up at the tippy top, a bright yellow star stuck to you head.