Thursday, July 27

prayer request

I just got off the phone with my mom, who informed me that my dad (John Westerholm) had a heart attack this afternoon.

My dad has had some heart problems before, but they've always caught them early. He's been on some medication and even had a pre-emptive angioplasty with two stunts about two years ago.

They're vacationing in Quebec, so her frustration levels are multiplied by a language barrier - (she's signing medical consent documents in another language). There's a friend from the area who has been a great blessing and help. Dad is in an intensive care unit in a hospital outside of Quebec City.

Please pray
(1) that the God of all comfort provides comfort for my dad, who described his pain as "11 out of 10."
(2) for peace for my mom, far from home, and only able to be with dad for 5 minutes each hour.
(3) for language barriers to be transcended, as french-speaking doctors communicate with our home cardiologist.
(4) that things would stablize soon, and that he could be transported to a better hospital in Quebec City.

My dad is my hero, and has been a faithful pastor for thirty-one years. I hope I love Jesus 1/2 as much as he does as some point in my life.

Matthew Westerholm

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Brett said...


We will be lifting your Dad, Mom, and you before the Father's throne tonight.