Friday, July 7

Have we learned anything?

Talking about the book of Jeremiah, Don Carson writes (pg. 52) today in "For the Love Of God":

The northern nation of Israel was caught in spiritual adultery, and God gave her "a certificate of divorce" (3:6 - 8): she was sent off into exile in 722 B. C. under the Assyrian king, Sargon ll. From this, her sister Judah learned nothing: a century later she did what her sister did, but with even less excuse since she had seen what had happened to Israel (3:9ff.).

To what extent is contemporary evangelicalism selling out the Gospel, having learned almost nothing from the somewhat similar capsize of Protestant confessionalism about a hundred years ago?



Brett said...

Ok, I need a little help with this one...maybe more simple mind doesn't do processing a long hypothetical question.

Matthew Westerholm said...

Sure, Brett. (Nice new picture, btw.)

Maybe this grid will help?

Israel = 20th cent. mainline denominations

Judah = contemporary evangelicalism.

spiritual adultery = "selling out the gospel"

Israel was unfaithful to God and were exiled. 100 years later, Judah did the exact same things and were exiled. Mainline Protestant confessionalism sold out the gospel, and 100 years later their contemporary evangelical bretheren may be doing the same.