Tuesday, May 2

What's Everybody Singing these days?

Trying to figure out what songs different groups are using? It's an interesting study in the DNA of certain Christian groups.

CCLI Churches (US)
CCLI Churches (Canada)
CCLI Churches (UK)
Together For The Gospel 2006 (promo video here)
Desiring God 2005 "Suffering and the Sovereignty of God"

Who knows what music they'll do at the Resurgence conference. What type of music inspires sentences like this: "We may end up with a whole new denomination of preachers in spandex pants with mullets doing a lot of Old Testament exegesis followed by heavy metal worship and Wonder bread for communion. But as long as they love Jesus, it’s all good. "

Other upcoming conferences include:

(1) Worship God '06 from our friends at Sovereign Grace and Keith and Krystin Getty.
(2) Desiring God '06 "Above All Earthly Powers" with David Wells, D.A. Carson, Timothy Keller, Mark Driscoll, Voddie Baucham, and John Piper.
(3) Willow Creek Arts Conference for a different perspective.


wanttoworship said...

Need fresh ideas? Tap into Baloche, Fitts, Boschman, Garlington and Hayford. Attend this year’s International Worship Institute.

This year’s International Worship Institute draws on the spiritual gifts of well-known contemporary worship leaders and pastors. How can you have a more Spirit-filled preparation, rehearsal and worship? Attend the workshops and ‘breakout’ sessions to draw on the experience of these speakers as well as those in attendance.

WHEN: July 3-7, 2006
WHERE: Gaylord Texan Resort & Convention Center, Grapevine
MORE INFO: www.WorshipInstitute.com

Matthew Westerholm said...

thanks for stopping by. Our church has hosted Paul Baloche and Bob Fitts, and loved both of them.

I'm sure both of them would be pretty uncomfortable with the "NEED FRESH IDEAS? TAP INTO ME" plug. :-)

I find myself a lot more in the reformed charismatic camp than the penticostal type . . . but that's just me. :-)