Wednesday, May 24

Understanding Matthew Westerholm

I just picked up the book and haven't even read a single word in it, but I must write a "pre-view" of it. I'm about to violate the second-greatest commandment in critical literature: "Don't judge a book by its cover." (The greatest, of course, is "Don't judge a book by its movie.")

All I can say is -- it's about time that the smartest person I know (my uncle Steve) wrote a book to help me understand myself.

I'm not sure who the model is who they got to pose for the picture, but he could use a shave.

This book must be an intellectual tour-de-force probing the inner workings of my psyche, the confusing conflict of my inner sinfulness and ongoing sanctification, the successes and failures of my attempts at being a father and husband, and my journey as a confessional evangelical plagued by the pragmatic contemporary evangelical landscape.

I'm sure this concept will sell very few copies, but my wife and I will read it cover to cover. I can't wait for the devotional, the journal, the student and women's editions, and the travel mug.

Thanks to the world's best graphics guy.

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Ian said...

Utterly brilliant! Too funny!