Tuesday, May 2

The One Unanswerable Objection To the Christian Faith: Christians

There's a great message by Os Guinness over at Veritas entitled "The One Unanswerable Objection to the Christian Faith: Christians" where he deals very smartly with hypocricy. Some quotes?

Morality is the practice of virtue because we know it is right. Respectability is the practice of virtue because we are seen, and want to be seen. Hypocrisy is the practice of virtue because we are afraid of being seen to be bad. Wickedness is the complete abandonment of any pretense of virtue.
The practical problem with hypocrisy is that it doesn’t work if everyone’s a hypocrite. You need enough people to believe in truth or virtue to make it worth while to pretend that you, too, are true and virtuous when you aren’t. And if everyone is a hypocrite – let’s stop the shell game and get to the brazen shamelessness of all practicing the evil that we would like.
I consider his book "Prophetic Untimeliness" THE BEST BOOK I've read on culture and ministry in the past 2 years.

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