Tuesday, April 11

Downpour follow up: pt 2

You can see lots of pictures here. And the feedback keeps coming:

The worship team was a gift to us all. They prepared our hearts for each new speaker. They were awesome and it showed in their music, their attitudes and their mannerisms who they were worshipping.

An amazing thing happened at the end of the conference. As we were leaving, many women were making their way to the women's washroom. The music from the worship team 'These are the days of Elijah' was filling the arena and our hearts. Never before have I ever witnessed women singing in a washroom - worshipping the Lord. It was an awesome experience.

My name is Anthony DiGiacomo and I am writing to you from North Bay, Ontario (about 5 hours north of Hamilton.) I wanted to write simply to say thanks. I too
am involved in worship ministry at my home church here in North Bay and fully
understand the amount of work that goes into each service. I so greatly appreciated your effort this past weekend at Downpour and your focus on helping us, helping me, communicate the true feelings of my heart to God's heart. You and your team were such an awesome blessing.

and, from spelling champ Dan B.:
Great job at Downpour! It was a wonderful time for me personally, as well as for many others from our church. Blessings to you!

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