Thursday, March 23

On Commenting

I just turned on an option on the blog call "registered users only" for comments . . . and I'll tell you why.

There's a lot of different topics discussed (and debated) here at [retro]. People make comments that are very difficult to read. We don't know who you are, what you do, what you stand for . . . your entire context is missing when it says:


That girl is pretty.

That comment leaves me (and everybody else) with very few options.

1) CHARLES is a perv. The net is filled with them, and somehow, they found themselves over to a little Christian blog named [retro] evangelical.

**OR** 2) CHARLES knows that girl and is one of my friends and is pulling a joke on me. CHARLES might even be that girl, crying out for some sort of attention.

**OR** 3) CHARLES is a godly man who appreciates to beauty of God's creation.

So, by turning on the "registered users only" we can find out more about your context . . . who you are and what is behind the comments you leave.

I hope I don't lose anybody. Sahm? Trish? Jim? CHARLES? Dan? Westy? BigCityLawyer? Andi? Jill? Uncle Owen? Aunt Beru?

Please register and continue the conversation. And if you can't figure it out, or if this STINKS too much for you, shoot me an email (you can get it through my profile) and talk to me.

OK? Awesome.


Brett said...

I'm safe, unless you want to debate me theololically, and then I get mean.

Brett said...

that would be theoloGically..well maybe i'm not so safe after all, at least when it comes to spelling

RC said...

interesting opinion on comments...

all I know is that I love them because they let me know what stuff people are interested in and what they're seeing/reading etc.

All to say...I liked finding your blog and seeing what you were talking about and saying...thanks for sharing.

--RC of