Wednesday, February 15

Update: Canada was great!

Here's some pictures from BARRIE, OAKVILLE, and HAMILTON. You should have been there. And if you were, you should have said hi. (Yes, Trish, you should have.)

Also, I met people who read the blog but never comment (except to privately email me spelling corrections).


Trish said...

I wish I had said hi now. You're an awesome musician.

Matthew Westerholm said...

Trish is obviously not thinking clearly. I think her other comments have been so insightful and thoughtful that she has been too mentally taxed to deal with reality.

Anonymous said...

I read your blog...but, get to talk to you in person if I want so didn't want to take up space by responding. You make spelling mistakes too? Crazy. Wondering who I am? Here's a hint.(oversees/overseas.)