Thursday, February 23

BlogLIST and Links Changed

Justin Taylor is a stud. Imagine if Jared from Subway loved God a lot! And what if he was as smart as he was articulate. And what if Calvinists were loving, and socially active, and politically savvy? Too good to be true? No.

Together 4 The Gospel is a conference turned blog turned awesome place for four pastors to make fun of each other, and discuss how much they read.

Scott McKnight's Jesus Creed Blog is the place for thoughtful discourse on all sorts of topics. He is the emerging writer I most appreciate.

Andrew Jones's TallSkinnyKiwi is also an emergent mainstay. Jones devotes incredible amounts of time to writing careful, rhetoric free posts which make their points clear and profound. If I could spend one day hanging out with any blogger, it would be Andrew.

Steve McCoy's blog is always a hopping place. McCoy is a theologically-informed, missional, young pastor whose heart for Christ beats through each post. Lots of laughter and an eclectic bunch of commenters (including the occasional [r] comment) make it a must visit.

Wildstorm comics is the company started by super-artist, Jim Lee. A crazy group that works primarily in Italy, they post occasional pieces of art up on the site. Not all would be 100% approved by all Christians, but their discussions of art and the processes by which it is created are always invigorating.

Need a reminder to think about your spouse and family more? Covenant Life's "Married Life" blog is a great place for discussion and resources regarding all things family.

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