Friday, December 30

What's Your Church Doing for New Years?

Well, to keep up with the Jones' (sorry, David), they better do something amazing.

First, start with some good marketing.

Follow that up with some "musical performances, a karaoke stage, a moonbounce, a rock-climbing wall, digital dance revolution, dancing, and caricature painting."

Try some good old fashion teen computer use at a library. Also, don't forget to note the new time for the New Year's prophesy update.

Make sure to include an upbeat, positive, message. Perhaps the message could be "try harder this year".

Then end by giving away a house.


Matthew Westerholm said...

Time change on the "prophesy update"? Couldn't they have seen that coming?


Mark Heath said...

Giving away houses is quite a Biblical practise actually - see Acts 4:34. Abundant Life Church does seem to have got the wrong end of the stick somehow though, even if the people to whom the house is given "symbolize the 12 apostles".