Wednesday, December 7

5 People to Have Lunch

Bob Boilen serves as host of NPR alternative music primer, All Songs Considered. Displaying an encyclopedic knowlegde of diverse forms of musical expression as well as generating very interesting original music of his own, Bob would be a blast to eat with. Prefered restraunt: Stake and Shake.

Brad Bird. A genius storyteller and animator, Bird wrote and directed such major films as The Incredibles, Finding Nemo, and the beautiful (if less known - GOTTA SEE IT) movie The Iron Giant. Prefered restraunt: Chucky Cheese, so we could watch kids together.

Brad Mehldau. THE oustanding jazz pianist of his (and my) generation, Mehldau is a rare combination of finger and verbal dexterity. His essays (found in liner notes and website) are always well-thought through and passionately argued. Prefered Restraunt: Regina's Italian restraunt. It's gotta be quiet, so I don't miss a word.

My wife, Lisa. I've spent almost every day of nearly eight years with her, and I still have almost no idea what she's going to say next. The lady is a delight to listen to, and she is a one-person studio audiance. She can listen to and enjoy ANY SINGLE PERSON, no matter how ludicrous or long-winded -- perhaps that's why the Lord put her with me! Prefered Restraunt: Shaw's Crab House. It's where we go once a year for our anniversary. We have to save up for two months, but it's worth it to show off this amazing woman.

Johnny Greenwood. Johnny has been the musical and sonic driving force behind the world's most creative and influencial band: Radiohead. His knowledge of vintage gear combined with his expertise in new technology is especially impressive when factored in with his startling sense of taste and innovation. While lead singer Thom Yorke takes most of the bows, Johnny deserves most of the credit. Prefered Restraunt: considering that the music sounds like it from space (in a good way), I'd like to eat HERE.


Brett said...

I was expecting a little more diversity; at least one person from outside the musical arena (I have no idea if you're wife is musical). I didn't know who any of those people are, so thanks for giving a little background of each.

Matthew Westerholm said...

Brad Bird isn't musical! But my wife is! Thanks, Brett for dropping by and for the kind words about my speling.


Brett said...

Oops! I guess since he is artsy, I kind of lumped him in with the rest.