Monday, November 21

[retro] quoted!

A recent post by Bob Kauflin started with this sentence . . . "I recently heard someone comment that modern worship songs only cover about 3% of the topics found in Scripture."

THAT'S ME! I wrote on the Reformissionary blog "I think the main problem with contemporary choruses isn’t (mainly) that they have bad theology or that they don’t have enough “content”, but instead that most of them (as far as I can tell) deal with the same 3% of the Christian life."

Now, before I get too big of a head, Kauflin's NEXT SENTENCE is "I don't think that's entirely accurate . . ."

Well, Bob, you're right. The actual percentage is 8.873%. Thanks!


Steve said...

Hehe. I'm glad my blog could play a part.

Bob Kauflin said...

Thanks for doing the research and serving Christians everywhere by giving us the accurate percentage, Matthew. After further study, I came up with 7.632%. Did you include the songs from Malaysia? Just curious...

Thanks for the original quote.