Tuesday, November 1

Funny: Mike Wittmer: Top 10 Emergent Signs

Mike Wittmer provided this humorous introduction to Emergent Church:

Top 10 Signs You Might be emergent

If you have never READ Left Behind, SAID the Prayer of Jabez, or LEAD 40 Days of Purpose,

If you think you saw a mega-church on VH1’s “I Love The 80s”,

If you wouldn’t be surprised to see Ghandi in heaven, but you’d be floored to find Jerry Falwell,

If in a debate with Jack Van Impe, you’d be likely to argue that the bear is America and the anti-Christ is Pat Robertson,

If your preacher just swore, and it seemed appropriate,

If you honored your pastor with a box of fine cigars and beers on the house,

If your cool hair resembles a Midwestern version of Ryan Seacrest. If you don’t know who Ryan is, your probably not emergent, but if you have NO hair and still look cool, you might be a leader in the emergent movement,

If you use the word “groove” as a verb, and don’t sound like a dork,

If you purchase church supplies from a Buddhist bookstore,

If your favorite “Carson” is “Johnny”.


Mick Porter said...

Ah, too funny! Thanks for posting that.

Brett said...

Great post. Drinking, smoking, cussing, watching R rated flicks, etc. Of course, it's all for the purpose of relating to the lost so that they can be reached for Christ. Or could it possibly be that they've always wanted to drink, smoke, cuss, and watch R rated films? I'd be interested in knowing how many of them have a background in FUNDAMENTALIST churches in which they felt like they were deprived of having any real FUN at all.