Friday, October 14

Roman Bishops Deny That The Bible Is True

A good article from Banner of Truth.

"On Wednesday October 5 the Roman Catholic bishops of England, Wales and Scotland published a document called The Gift of Scripture which warned Roman Catholics not to expect total accuracy from the Bible. "

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pilgrim said...

I like Banner of Truth--I've been following this story on several fronts, and have commented on it as well. I do question the media spin on it(They have used it as an excuse to bash Chritianity in general) but I especially question the offense of casting doubt on Scripture.
It is one thing to say passages in Revelation are not meant literally--as it is a book of symbols & figurative language. We should remember that even when the Bible uses figurative language there is still a literal meaning behind it. (For example--Jesus' parables aren't stories that literally happened, but they still have literal truths He was teaching.
It is another thing to claim that narrative passages didn't happen.
That is what is most troubling about this book.