Wednesday, August 24

Worship Resourse: Kirk Franklin Confession

This article talked about Kirk's addiction to pornography. Look at what this man said and LEARN FROM IT.

KIRK FRANKLIN: ... I get evangelically ticked off by the fact that I wished somebody would have taught me a long time ago about the repercussions of sex and flesh and lust and vanity and pride and ego. I wished somebody would have been holding my little behind accountable years ago. But let me tell you what happens to the gifted. The gifted in the church slip right through.


KIRK FRANKLIN: Because the gifted are able to naturally and emotionally control the atmosphere of the service.

SCOTT ROSS: So we relate to you based on the gift rather than the man?

KIRK FRANKLIN: There you go, brother. No one asks the minister of music whether he's killing when everyone is crying and speaking in tongues. Nobody asks him, 'Are you going home tonight? How's your marriage? What's going on with you and your wife?' Nobody's holding the gifted accountable in the Body.

May we heed this warning and others like it (like Rory Nolan's). May we be concerned with our artists' integrity, and eternities rather than shallow, pragmatic concerns that do us only short-term good, and reap long-term ruin.

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